COMMENTS Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman made about motorbikes are continuing to infuriate the biking world.

The MP said he wanted families to persuade their loves ones not to buy a motorbike, citing their danger as a reason.

It led to a Facebook group, which now has 1,700 members, being formed called ‘Don’t vote Labour. MP Barry Sheerman says motorcyclists are orphan-makers’.

Now the Huddersfield Motorcycle Action Group (Mag) has rounded on the MP.

They said he has, so far, not responded to an invitation to join one of their Wednesday night meetings to discuss the matter.

Member Jo Ferguson said: “As many members are his constituents we are disappointed that he has not, to date, accepted this invitation.”

She added that while they deplored and regretted deaths caused in road accidents, Huddersfield Mag said the MP was targeting only one set of road users.

Jo added: “Of course bikers are upset about his comments.

“The main focus has got to be education and training of all road users – bikers and drivers of four-wheeled vehicles – on how to handle their powerful machines and being aware of other road users.”