The vast majority of Huddersfield motorists aren’t fit to be behind the wheel, research suggests.

Almost 5,000 drivers from our town have taken a road safety quiz to mark the update to the driving test.

And the results will not fill you with confidence as 82% scored lower than the pass rate for the official theory test.

The online test, hosted by Halfords, asked about common dashboard symbols, drink driving laws, signs and basic roadworthiness.

The study found most motorists are baffled by what’s legal or illegal and, worryingly, new drivers scored the worst.

If found 62% of Huddersfield drivers didn’t know the legal drink driving limit and 61% were still unaware of a change in speeding law.

One of the questions that caught out many was:

Which of these is illegal?

1) Paying with a smartphone at a drive thru, 2) Eating while driving or 3) Having an open bottle of beer in your car.

While the latter two may draw the attention of the police, the answer is number one.

Unfortunately some 39% of motorists did not know this wasn’t allowed.

The findings also showed that more than one in 10 (12%) were unaware of the changes in the law for using a phone while driving. This can now lead to six penalty points on a driver’s licence and a £200 fine.

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Over the years there have been numerous campaigns discouraging drink-driving, raising awareness of not only the blood alcohol limit but the impact alcohol has on your reactions and ability to control a vehicle.

It appears most Huddersfield motorists haven’t taken this on board with 62% still unaware of the legal drink driving limit in England and Wales.

A lack of knowledge when it comes to car maintenance was also highlighted.

Dangerous second-hand tyres are putting motorists' lives at risk

As we approach the winter months it is especially important to ensure your tyres meet safety standards.

The roadworthy test reveals that a huge 63% of Huddersfield motorists were unaware that four worn out tyres could result in a £10,000 fine.

Not only that but one in four didn’t know the legal tyre tread depths and therefore are at serious risk of breaking the law.

Ryan Vince from Halfords Autocentres, the company responsible for the quiz, said: “The research has led to some eye-opening results.

“For example, it’s worrying that 61% of Huddersfield drivers don’t know the maximum fine for speeding and 63% of drivers were in the dark about the rules for worn tyres which could land them with a hefty fine.

“While light-hearted, our test helps to reinforce and remind motorists of key roadworthy basics, whether they’re new or experienced.”

See how roadworthy you are by taking the test here: