IT was Spain 17, England 1 – but there’s always next year.

A group of padel tennis players from Tenerife visited Huddersfield for a friendly tournament.

The game – which is like tennis but takes place on a smaller court with a slower ball – is second only to football in popularity in Spain.

Peter Vann from Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in Edgerton is trying to get the sport to catch on here.

A team from Padel Tenerifa took on their English counterparts – with Spain winning 17 of the 18 matches.

Peter said: “It’s what we expected. Obviously they are a lot better than we are.

“It’s a bit like us taking them on at crown green bowling.

“However, it was strange that the only match we did win was against their strongest pairing.”

Peter hopes the Huddersfield team can travel to the Canary Islands for a rematch.

He said: “I hope it becomes an annual event. It would certainly be nice to go to Tenerife in February when the weather here is bad.”