FEWER pound shops, less litter and cheaper parking.

Those are some of the suggestions from the more than 1,000 Examiner website users who took part in our survey about the town centre.

We asked what you thought of the heart of Huddersfield after shock figures showed one in seven shops in the town centre are empty.

Some 1,182 took part in the online survey in 12 days.

When asked what was wrong with the town centre, 70% of people who responded highlighted the poor choice of shops; 50% brought up parking problems and 46% mentioned dirty streets.

We also asked what would improve Huddersfield.

Some 67% of people said they wanted more independent shops; 57 said there should be less litter and 55% replied that they wanted a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

Kingsgate was the most popular part of the town centre, with 35% of respondents describing it as their favourite, while St George’s Square won the backing of 18% of people.

The Indoor Market was the least popular part of the town centre, getting the thumbs-down from 18% of people, followed by New Street on 13%.

The Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival was the most popular town centre event with 31% of respondents, followed by specialist markets on 15% and the Festival of Light on 11%.

We also asked you to describe, in your own words, what was wrong with the town centre.

Of the 46 people who replied, six people mentioned the cost of parking while eight respondents complained about the number of non-English people in the town centre.

One person wrote: “It takes the same time to get from Denby Dale to Meadowhall (free parking, more shops) as it does to get to Huddersfield (expensive parking and few shops).”

We also asked for your suggestions for improving the town centre.

Of 133 responses, 18 people called for cheaper or free parking in the town centre while 14 people wanted fewer pound shops.

One respondent wrote: “The main problem with Huddersfield is the parking and the cost of parking; it’s extortionate at the best of time. The town centre is dead because there is no room for drivers.”

Another said: “There should be fewer chain stores and more alternative and independent shops catering to a variety of tastes. Huddersfield is sorely lacking these.”

Other suggestions to improve the town centre included more public toilets, lower shop rents; fewer pigeons and a greater police presence at Huddersfield Bus Station.

As part of the survey – which ran from June 16 to June 27 – we asked for your general comments about the town centre.

One respondent wrote: “The Wilkinson end of town is awful. The high street needs empty shops to be filled. Too much gum and spit on the ground.”

Another person said: “Even though Kingsgate is my favourite part of Huddersfield town centre, I think it needs better shops and needs the phase 2 to somehow get under way.

“It just isn’t big enough and the car park is a joke.”

However, there were a few positive comments, including one person who wrote: “I love the community feel in Huddersfield which can be seen through the various events in the town centre – something which other towns and cities don’t have.”