HUDDERSFIELD Town boss Dean Hoyle has received an honorary degree from the town’s university.

And its chancellor and massive Town fan Sir Patrick Stewart presented the chairman with the accolade.

Dean Hoyle was presented with the award of Honorary Doctorate of the University in recognition of his inspirational role in the community.

Sir Patrick Stewart said: “Entrepreneurship, economic regeneration and community engagement are right at the heart of what we teach, encourage and believe at the University of Huddersfield and Dean Hoyle typifies all of those things.

“He’s a great example of a self-made businessman, not least because after he had become successful, he looked for ways in which he could use it to help other people and improve their quality of life.

“You really sense that when he took on the ownership of Huddersfield Town, he realised, as a lifelong fan, how important it was to the community, on and off the field.

“That makes him a model football club chairman.

“I was delighted to confer upon him an honorary award and the University of Huddersfield is honoured that he accepted.”