A HEROIN addict “career burglar” is back behind bars after he unleashed a torrent of racial abuse at a black police officer.

Homeless addict David Hanlon, 33, was already in custody for another alleged offence when he was arrested for an attempted burglary at a home on Reinwood Road, Quarmby.

The lifelong offender had only been out of jail for two weeks when he was captured on CCTV trying to break into the house during the early hours of August 15.

Leeds Crown Court heard yesterday that Hanlon had admitted the attempted burglary, threatening the police officer and spitting on the floor as he made a number of racist slurs against him.

But he denied threatening two other police officers.

The court heard the police officer had been “alarmed” by the racist abuse.

Hanlon said he regretted making the comments but denied being a racist and said the officer should have had “thicker skin”.

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His Honour Judge Marson QC was told that Hanson had served a number of prison sentences for burglary totalling 18 years.

He was disowned by his parents after a £12,000 drug rehabilitation course they paid for him to go to in Spain in 2007 failed to stop his criminality.

Just three years later he was back in prison dubbed a “bungling burglar” after he left a bag with his name on it behind during a raid on a Birkby property.

Having served half his four year sentence for that offence he was released on August 2 – but he was back behind bars on August 16 and has now been jailed for a further two-and-a-half years.

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Judge Marson, said: “You are a career burglar – because of your addiction to heroin you’re going to commit your next offence within days of release.

“The public have to be protected from you.

“On two occasions you were racially abusive to a police officer and you used grossly offensive language.

“It’s wholly disgraceful.”

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