A CRASH involving a police car left a young man badly bruised.

Nicky Knutton, 19, was hurt when his Seat Ibiza and a police car collided at the junction of Castlegate and Trinity Street, Huddersfield, at 9.20pm on Wednesday.

The policeman was on his way to Fartown after an urgent call for help.

Mr Knutton, of Highfields, suffered bruising to both legs, an elbow and his right shoulder, along with a neck injury.

His grandfather, Trevor Heeley, said: “Nicky’s car was moved about 50ft by the impact.

“His car is a write-off and after the impact he was in such shock he fell out of it.’’

Mr Knutton went up to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary later that night and was allowed home in the early hours.

He is now under the care of his doctor and will be off work as a brewery pump fitter while he recovers.

His doctor has told him it could be up to six weeks before he is fully recovered.

The policeman suffered shoulder, arm and back injuries.

An investigation into the accident is under way.