A HUSBAND'S constant nagging saved his wife's life!

When Jo-anne Warburton, of Rastrick, found a lump in her breast her first instinct was to ignore it and hope it went away.

But husband Alex nagged her solidly for two weeks - and eventually she went to the doctor.

The lump she assumed was harmless turned out to be cancer, and the nursery nurse assistant, now 34, had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy.

Now in the clear, she's taking part in the Race For Life in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield, this summer.

The Examiner is the official media sponsor of the event, to be held on June 18 and 19. And today we're urging Huddersfield people to make it the biggest and best ever.

Mum-of-three Jo-anne had trial chemotherapy treatment paid for by Cancer Research - through vital fundraising and donations.

She too is urging everyone to support the Race For Life.

She says: "I'm the sort of person who buries my head in the sand.

"And if I'd ignored that lump, the cancer could have spread and the consequences could have been very different.

"Thankfully Alex wanted me to get it checked out. I suppose his nagging could have saved my life."