STUDENTS from Huddersfield University are searching for local myths and legends to display on a new website.

A group of four media students decided to create a website showcasing Huddersfield's strangest stories as part of their final university project.

The students - Richard Lawson, Paul Duke, Jon Edwards and Jimmy Stead - will run the site, with support from Kirklees Culture and Leisure Services and Tolson Museum at Moldgreen, Huddersfield.

The site will be launched on February 27.

The students are busy researching local legends in Huddersfield Library and the university library.

So far they have discovered reports of ghostly sightings at Storthes Hall, part of which is now used as student accommodation.

The site was once an asylum with a tunnel system leading to its own morgue.

Students and visitors have told of seeing spectres at the site.

Ghostly happenings have also been reported in underground tunnels stretching between Huddersfield Technical College and St Paul's and St Peter's churches.

The college was once a hospital and the tunnels were used to ferry dead patients to a mortuary - now O'Neill's pub - and the two churches.

Paul said the group are hoping to unearth more Huddersfield myths by interviewing local people.

He said: "There must be hundreds of people out there who have heard stories as children and have grown up with them.

"We'd also really like to locate eye-witnesses to strange goings-on.

" We'd like to hear from anyone with an interesting story to tell."

Contact Paul on 07989450298 or Jimmy on 01484 542419.

Alternatively, email Paul at or Jimmy on