LADIES changing in the men's rooms - and the men towelling themselves down in the sauna. What's going on?

It's all change for swimmers at Scissett Baths yet again.

Work began in December to totally refurbish both changing rooms.

While the male changing rooms were being refitted, both male and female swimmers got changed in the ladies' changing rooms, with a partition to spare their blushes.

Now that the male changing rooms are finished - with new benches, cubicles, showers, toilets and disabled changing room - they can be used by the ladies, while their changing room is being refurbished.

And the male customers are using the sauna area. The sauna itself remains switched off, so that the men don't get overheated!

Despite the confusing changing arrangements, which were put in place so that the pool could remain open throughout the works, customers have been very patient and good natured.

Alison Morris, Scissett Baths operations manager, said: "Despite all the disruption, all our customers have been absolutely fine and very patient.

"We have hardly had any criticisms at all.

"Now the women are using the newly-done male changing rooms, they are thrilled, and looking forward to theirs being finished too.

"We would like to thank everyone for their patience in the meantime.

"We are pretty sure it will be all worthwhile in the end."