COMPUTER games of the future could bear the brand Made In Huddersfield.

They are to be produced at a facility being created at the university.

A £150,000 computer games development studio is to be created at the Queensgate campus.

It will be modelled on a real commercial studio and will have motion capture facilities.

Motion capture is a hi-tech system which involves a performer wearing a suit covered with magnets, reflective balls or acoustic devices.

As the performer moves, the markers are tracked by mounted cameras and the data is sent to a computer.

This allows the ``live" movements to be used to make computer-generated characters look realistic.

A prime example is Gollum in The Lord of The Rings film trilogy.

The new studio is being created in response to the growing popularity of the university's computer games design course.

Applications to this course and others in the school of computing and engineering have prompted a recruitment drive for new lecturers.

Prof Dave Taylor, the school's associate dean, said: "Having run computer games programming courses for a number of years the university is now also addressing the demand for computer games design graduates.

"We already have a dedicated team of staff recruited directly from the games industry. We are now looking for additional talent."

Prof Taylor said there were lots of opportunities within the field and the university had good links with the industry.

There are around 100 computer games studios in the UK, which is the world's third-largest games producer after Japan and the USA.

Huddersfield University is a member of Games Republic, a consortium of Yorkshire and Humberside games companies.

It sent three staff to the world's leading electronic entertainment exhibition, E3, in Los Angeles last year.