GREEN Janine Williamson has seen red as bin men repeatedly mix recyclable rubbish with normal trash.

Janine, 31, lives in Adelphi Road in Marsh.

She and her partner James Crosbie, 33, carefully separate their recyclable tins, plastics, paper and cardboard from other waste before putting it in their green bin.

They use the grey bin for food waste and other substances which cannot be re-processed.

But Janine has four times seen binmen tipping their grey and green bins into the same refuse truck.

Crews said that parked cars meant they had to carry out repeat collections in smaller vehicles and it was more efficient to use one wagon.

Janine complained about the situation to Kirklees Council in November. Officials said it would not happen again.

But Janine said: "The council said it shouldn't happen, it wouldn't happen again - then it happened a month later."

Janine, a psychology lecturer at Salford University, suspects the problem is potentially widespread.

Paul Whittaker, Kirklees's cleansing manager, said the problem was an isolated one. It had been caused by wagons having difficulty getting past parked cars.

He said if access was a problem for any crew, alternative collection dates were arranged. If two trucks were not available to collect the waste, green and grey refuse was lumped together.

Mr Whittaker estimated that 40 to 50 houses in the Adelphi Street area were affected.