DITCHING the car on short journeys can save you a fortune – and increase your fitness. Families in Huddersfield are walking and cycling their way to healthier, greener lives this summer– and saving money with every step and pedal.

As well as helping the environment by cutting congestion and the amount of fumes emitted from cars, a 20-minute cycle to work can burn around 100 calories and help you start the day energised and alert.

But if you’re bored of your bike, maybe it’s time to enhance your ride.

We're not talking paint jobs or go-faster stripes, but half-a-dozen on-bike gadgets that will improve your cycling experience.

Sat upon the saddle you’re not only getting trim but saving cash and, of course, being eco-friendly, so there's little not to like about ditching other modes of transport for the bike.

And our collection of great gadgets could offer that additional incentive to take to two-wheels more often.

Key Indicator – LED Bike Signals – £24.95 from www.amazon.co.uk

With this LED-based indicator system strapped on to your bike, you use the handlebar-attached control unit to tell those behind you which way you’re about to turn. It means you can safely cycle with both hands where they should be. The indicators also feature a hazard light function in addition to a beeping sound.

Bright Lights – Knog Frog Strobe Lights – £11.99 each from www.firebox.com

Illuminators are a legal requirement at night-time and they’re vital for letting other road users know that you are there. Ideally you want lights that will not take up too much space on your frame, yet offer sufficient power – step up the Knog Frog Lights. Waterproof, durable and featuring a multitude of light settings that can be seen up to 600 metres away, they are easy to attach and remove too.

Information Overload – iPhone Live Rider – £62.99 from www.firebox.com

Those gym-based exercise cycles offer a range of information to let you know what you’re burning and at what rate, so why not welcome some of this techno wizardry on to your bike? Information from your journey is sent to your handlebar-mounted iPhone from sensors fitted on the rear wheel, giving you a real-time update of your progress. You can also store your journey data for next time to compete against your personal best.

Halo There – Angel Bicycle Helmet – £44.95 from www.iwantoneofthose.com

A fair amount of cyclists don’t bother with any headgear, so this helmet, with its dual-purpose, may well entice more to don this crucial safety piece. A halo of LEDs, which can be set in flashing and non-flashing modes, ensure you'll be seen from any angle. It is also 100% waterproof and features an in-built retractable USB charger. It's one of the most talented helmets we've seen.

Hold All – Spiderpodium – £14.90 from www.thesatnavwarehouse.com

This head-slappingly simple concept is executed perfectly to form one of the most multi-purpose go-anywhere grippers we’ve seen. The bendable limbs allow for almost any gadget to be gripped securely while leaving enough spare to attach to the handlebars of your bike. So, satnavs, MP3 players, digital cameras, mobiles and more can be transported with ease and fully utilised on your journey.

Park Anywhere – Topeak Bikamper – £130.83 from www.activesport.co.uk

This kit is small enough to be carried on the handlebars, but when unravelled forms a sleeping space for cycle adventurers. Remove your front wheel to form one end of the tent frame and your bike holds the other end of this clever shelter in place. It’ll certainly have others on site stopping to stare.