THE deadline is quickly running out for Calderdale people wanting to make their homes warm for winter ... for free.

And they could save more than £800 doing the work plus £200 a year on their energy bills which are continuing to soar with many of the main providers announcing big price hikes over the last two weeks.

More than 500 Calderdale homes have benefited from free loft and cavity wall insulation over the last three months.

And in a final push to get more completed, Calderdale Council is today renewing its message for householders to come forward.

The council and Dyson Energy Services of Brighouse have secured energy company funding for free loft and cavity wall insulation for suitable properties in the area.

The funding is limited and due to expire very soon. The final deadline for people to contact Dyson Energy Services to arrange a no obligation survey is Friday, November 30.

As well as making homes warmer and cheaper to heat, local residents who own or privately rent their homes could save up to £255 per year on their energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

In addition to standard cavity wall fibre insulation, subsidised poly-bead insulation is now available for stone cavity walls that are at least 40mm wide and clear of rubble and stone ties. Stone properties built after the 1930s are more likely to have a cavity that is suitable for this type of insulation.

Existing loft insulation that is less than 150mm in depth can be topped up to 270mm (11 inches) through the free scheme to help residents save even more on their heating bills.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Clr Barry Collins, said: “We’re delighted with the great response to the free insulation offer.

“Once the energy company funding ends we expect the price of loft and cavity wall insulation to return to its true value, which is around £850 for a three bed semi-detached home.

“Thousands of local residents have already had insulation fitted during the last 10 years, but other people could be missing out on this fantastic offer if they don’t take action in the next few weeks.”

For more information, visit the Free insulation scheme page on the Council’s website (