RESIDENTS have launched a petition to obtain Green Belt status for farmland below Castle Hill.

Newsome Ward Green Party councillors have launched an online petition calling on Kirklees Council to grant Green Belt status to land, off New Laithe Hill, which is near Newsome.

The land, which is currently rented by farmers, could be under the threat of development as it is currently registered as Provisional Open Land.

Green councillor Andrew Cooper, who launched the petition, said: “This land is a well known tourist landscape, being part of the heavily photographed footprint of Castle Hill.

“The land is currently leased as farming land and we believe that good quality farming land is in short supply and should be protected.

“We urge Kirklees Council to re-designate this land as Green Belt and to ensure it is kept undeveloped for the benefit of future generations.”

To view the petition visit: