JOBS are expected to go in a bid to save £100,000 in a council directorate.

And it’s believed that one or more jobs will go in Calderdale Council’s adults, health and social care senior management structure.

A member of the council’s equalities and development team asked cabinet members at a public meeting if the £100,000 figure was accurate within a report by the head of services for the department.

The woman then asked if the council had identified specific posts which were to be made redundant in a bid to make up to £100,000 savings.

Cabinet members were due to consider the report by the director of adults, health and social care, but it was an exempt item and was not to be discussed publicly.

No cabinet member answered the question, but said information would be made known once private discussions had taken place.

The council’s spokesperson did not respond to a request to provide information.

A spokesman for Unison said union members were also not allowed to remain for the meeting, but added that they would provide support if and when required.