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“This contract shows how little the Government understand the difficulties facing the NHS at the moment.It will not mean a magical transition to seven-day routine care - which is, of course, a goal to which we all aspire. The contract will lead to a reduced service on weekdays in order to fill weekend gaps, it will mean demoralised and exhausted junior doctors who are not able to have a life outside of work, who feel unable to cope with the pressures put on them without adequate rest time, and who feel ready to leave the profession or leave the NHS.” - Junior doctor Helen Barclay, Calderdale Royal Hospital

“I desperately want to tell the public that the NHS is about to tip into a point where it can’t be recovered. The junior doctor contract is unsafe, and unfair, and just the start of the demoralisation and destruction of the workforce. My greatest concerns are the removal of safeguards to prevent doctors working too many hours.” - Dr Rebecca Dawson, surgical registrar at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

VIDEO: Huddersfield & Calderdale BMA rep Pooja Bijoor 'devastated' about need for all out strike

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Jeremy Hunt 'pig-headed', say junior docs

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More info on the strike here — junior doctors say it wont affect patient safety

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Each and every Junior Doctor of this once great land has my support. - Karl Zatorski

They have my full support. - Karen Baker

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Meet Sully the strike dog

This morning junior doctors launch their first all-out strike in NHS history over government changes to their contracts.

The pickets are being manned at HRI today.

For the first time emergency clinicians will join those walking out today and tomorrow as an ongoing row between health secretary Jeremy Hunt and the medical profession becomes ever more inflamed.

Hospital trusts across West Yorkshire have cancelled hundreds of operations and drafted in senior doctors to ensure they have sufficient emergency cover.

Medics have never staged an all-out strike since the NHS was founded in 1948.

Our reporter David Himelfield is at the Huddersfield picket line, we’ll bring you the latest updates as we get them.