AN old mill site has been left “looking like Colditz” according to a resident.

Jack Dodds is angry at the state of the old Broadhead and Graves mill in Kirkheaton.

The land has been derelict since the mill was torn down. But now a metal fence has been put up by Hartley Property Group.

Mr Dodds, 74, said: “It looks like an eyesore. I appreciate there has to be a fence, but this fence is grey with spikes at the top.

“It looks like a prison camp fence, like Colditz.”

Mr Dodds, who has lived on Daw Knowle for 34 years, believes the fence gives a bad impression of his village.

He said: “When you drive into Kirkheaton and see that, you get the impression that the place is barricaded in.”

Bradford-based Hartley Property Group bought the land for housing development.

Mr Dodds said: “The problem is how long it may take to get the housing built, given the economic circumstances.”

Hartley Property Group could not be reached for comment.