A KIRKLEES teacher, stranded in Dubai, has urged the council to think again over docking pay.

Kim Roberts, a PE teacher, hopes to finally get back home on Tuesday – 10 days after she should have returned.

She has become one of the victims of the ash cloud caused by the Iceland volcano eruption.

But she is angry that Kirklees Council has said that teachers’ pay will be docked for the time they have been absent from school because of extended holidays caused by the air problems.

Ms Roberts said: “I was taking a holiday in Dubai over the Easter holidays and have been stranded due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Despite constant efforts to get home, the first available flight is Tuesday, April 27.

“Holiday makers in Europe have had the option of travelling home by train and ferry. There is no alternative form of transport in my case.

I have since discovered that my pay will be affected by a situation which has been completely out of my control and find the lack of compassion disgusting.

“Kirklees Council is saying that employers should give staff the opportunity to make up time by completing sessions before and after school.

“I find this an insult as being a PE teacher I already devote a great deal of my own time to extra-curricular activities and fixtures which are clearly unpaid.

“My attendance record at school can only be described as impeccable and I have never been late in my whole school career.

“I therefore feel cheated by the fact that when I am in an unavoidable situation the school is reluctant to show support and waive the eight days that I have missed.”