As a cat lover, the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel is my idea of heaven - so when the opportunity to tour the new Lodge came up I jumped at the chance.

If you're not really a cat person, you might think all this extravagance for an animal is a bit over the top, but the rest of us know our feline friends deserve the best.

Cats aren't the most forgiving creatures and any change to their normal routine is usually met with a swipe from some very sharp claws - so if the only way to keep in their good books when you go away is giving your cat a better holiday than you, so be it.

And as we all know, one of the best bits about going on holiday is the food - and that's no exception at the Ings Lodge.

The Lodge - dubbed Center Parcs for cats by owners Jo and Phil Ounsley, is aimed at cats who enjoy a bit of activity - or those who might need it, along with some healthy dining!

On the day of my visit the specials board included haddock risotto and asparagus which sounded so delicious I had to have a taste - even with a sprinkling of cat nip on top!

Watch the video at the top of the page to find out what I made of it!

Examiner journalist Lauren Ballinger tries out the cat hotel food.

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The cat hotel opened in 2013 and has since gained global fame with journalists from around the world visiting to meet Jo, Phil and their gorgeous guests - and they've even been approached by an American TV company about making a reality TV programme!

Click below to see pictures from the Lodge and the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel!