BAR staff from a Huddersfield nightclub will be flying high in a world record-breaking tandem skydive.

Jonny Leonard and Adrian Sykes, from Ethos at Folly Hall, will throw themselves from a plane 13,000ft up for the Echo Trust charity.

The Ethos duo, along with other staff from parent company Luminar Leisure, hope to beat the world record for the number of people to jump from a plane in a tandem skydive, which is 255.

The Echo Trust is Luminar's own charity. It gives money directly to children's hospitals and health projects around the country.

Last year, more than £600,000 was raised.

Everyone from glass collectors to managers is taking the plunge.

The company needs more than 255 people to take part in the skydive at Doncaster airfield on June 20.

Jumpers need to raise £335 to take part, including the deposit, the cost of the jump and insurance. Visit for more details.