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Good night from me.

Traffic: Van delaying Town fans

A broken down van on the M62 is delaying Town fans heading to Preston tonight.

Traffic: Warning to Town fans heading to Preston tonight

Traffic: Town fans delayed on M62 heading to Preston...

Traffic: Busy on the M62 heading to Preston

Beer and sausages!

German Christmas Market in Millennium Square, Leeds. 12 November 2010. Picture Bruce Rollinson
German Christmas Market in Millennium Square, Leeds. 12 November 2010. Picture Bruce Rollinson (Image: Bruce Rollinson)

Hats and gloves at the ready, it’s almost time to celebrate Christmas in Continental style at Leeds’ outdoor German Market.

The popular festive event opens in Millennium Square on Friday, November 11 and runs for five weeks, with all the usual attractions.

Full details here

Women "worse than men" for road rage

Bad news for female drivers, after a survey has found that women are more likely to see red at the wheel.

Researchers questioned 1,000 motorists over their driving to find women were on average 12% angrier than men on the roads.

It’s not being suggested that road rage roots from “hunter gatherer” instincts from caveman times. And no, you’re not the only one picturing Fred Flintstone in his car flicking the V’s...

Marsden is 20 minutes from Huddersfield town centre by car
Marsden is 20 minutes from Huddersfield town centre by car (Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Regional: Eight-year-old girl and man die in house fire

An eight-year-old girl and a 42-year-old man have tragically died in a house fire in Stanley, Wakefield, police said this afternoon.

A 35-year-old woman and a 13-year-old girl were taken to hospital for treatment to non-life threatening injuries after the fire on Ash Crescent.

Fire fighters were called to the family’s home at 4.20am this morning.

Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain, District Commander of Wakefield Police, said: “This is clearly a very serious and tragic incident in which a man and a young girl have lost their lives. Their family are absolutely devastated by what has taken place and we are working to support them in any way we can.”

Ash Crescent, Wakefield
Ash Crescent, Wakefield (Image: Google Street View)

Hockney drawing could be worth £75,000

An update on that story about the man from Brighouse who may have unearther a genuine Hockney sketch: the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse says that, if genuine, the drawing could be worth a six-figure sum at around the £75,000 mark.

The sketch was bought at an art fair in Harrogate for £2,750. Mr Yates said: “It wasn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t have bought it if I thought it could be a fake.”

The sketch purchased by Nick Yates, thought to be an original Hockney
The sketch purchased by Nick Yates, thought to be an original Hockney (Image: Harrison Lord Gallery)

Collision heading towards Saddleworth

WATCH: Policemen bitten by police dogs (for a good cause!)

Three West Yorkshire Police officers are proudly supporting a law which means police dogs and horses have the same rights as their human colleagues if they are assaulted.

The law was proposed when Police Dog Finn, from the Hertfordshire Force, was stabbed by a suspect at a crime scene earlier this month.

To generate further support for the law, local officers Chief Superintendent Tim Kingsman, Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain and Chief Inspector Aidy Waugh, donned protective sleeves for a training video pretending to be criminals chased by police dogs.

The entertaining video shows each of the officers being bitten and detained by the dogs.

Batley & Spen by-election tomorrow

The Batley & Spen by-election to elect Jo Cox’s successor is tomorrow. Hundreds of people have fought for the right to vote over the centuries, so don’t forget to use yours!

Bypass at Flouch Inn re-opened

Stocksbridge Bypass heading out of Holmfirth has now re-opened in both directions following an accident earlier this morning.

The road was shut both ways near The Flouch Inn roundabout.

Unemployment rises in Yorkshire

A note on claims over unemployment: this morning’s figures spell bad news for the region.

Yorkshire and the Humber has seen a rise in unemployment, it has now been revealed. Some 9,000 more people in the region are now jobless.

There are now 160,000 people in Yorkshire without jobs, which is exactly 10% of the national figure. Recent closures of factories as businesses move overseas are a factor in this new figure.

Job Centre
Job Centre

Brighouse man finds Hockney drawing

A businessman from Brighouse got a shock when a Hockney-style drawing he bought on impulse wasn’t as sketchy (hoho!) as he thought.

Nick Yates picked the sketch up from an art fair in Harrogate and took it to the Harrison Lord Gallery on Bradford Road to have it examined.

The picture is thought to be an original Hockney, drawn as a mock-up for the Bradford artists’s famous painting, the Bigger Splash. Here is Nick (right) with the sketch and Steven Lord from the gallery.

Steven Lord and Nick Yates with the sketch, thought to be an authentic Hockey
Steven Lord and Nick Yates with the sketch, thought to be an authentic Hockey (Image: Harrison Lord Gallery)

Binman's stunning sunrise shot

This lovely shot was taken on Longwood Road this morning by Kirklees binman Preey Dave.

What a lovely sunrise!

Image taken by binman Preey Dave on Longwood Road
Image taken by binman Preey Dave on Longwood Road (Image: Preey Dave - Facebook)

WATCH: Autistic schoolboy with his furry friend

Check out this gorgeous video showing autistic Ewan Maciver, from Norristhorpe, with his puppy Chloe.

If this doesn’t melt your heart like butter in a pan, you’re made of stone...

Unemployment remains at a steady low

The UK’s unemployment figures have remained at a steady low, the Office of National Statistics have revealed this morning.

Although figures of jobless adults edged up by 10,000 to 1.66million over the summer, the overall rate of people not in employment stood at 4.9% between May and August.

The ONS said: “These figures show that employment continued to grow over the summer and vacancies remain at high levels, suggesting continuing confidence in the economy.”

Jobs job centre jobseekers stock
Jobs job centre jobseekers stock

Stocksbridge accident: bus cancelled

Just a word of warning - the accident on Stocksbridge means the 9.55 257 bus from Holmfirth is cancelled.

Stocksbridge Bypass closed in both directions

Word that the Stocksbridge Bypass is closed in both directions heading out of Holmfirth near The Flouch Inn. This is due to a serious accident involving a van and a lorry and police are currently turning traffic round at the scene.

This obviously affects people heading towards Holmfirth as well.

The Flouch Inn at the junction of Dunford Road and Whamms Road
The Flouch Inn at the junction of Dunford Road and Whamms Road

All clear on public transport

All seems to be running as normal with public transport this morning. Northern Rail have issued a yellow leaf warning, with minimum risk of delays to trains.

The M8 bus for North Halifax Grammar School broke down earlier and a replacement was sent, so sounds like a delayed start for pupils (I’m sure they were devastated to miss the first 15 minutes of algebra).

General view of a Northern Rail train
General view of a Northern Rail train


To recap: The M62 westbound is busy in two places this morning.

Heavy traffic around Ainley Top stretching back to Chain Bar as a result of the hard shoulder being out of use.

If you’re heading towards Manchester, you’re also in for delays. One lane is closed due to a broken down lorry near junction 20, with traffic stretching back to Rishworth Moor.

More M62 traffic

Oh dear, looking like there’s congestion on the M62 westbound now stretching back to Rishworth due to a broken down vehicle near junction 20.

Traffic M62 westbound near Rishworth
Traffic M62 westbound near Rishworth (Image: Motorway Cameras)

Hello hello

Good morning, all. The M62 is busy busy this morning, we have the usual traffic eastbound around Chain Bar where all the commuters are coming on from Bradford. We’ve also got heavy traffic westbound around Ainley Top - Highways England are currently experiencing a problem with the smart motorway meaning motorists can’t use the hard shoulder.

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