A YOUNG man was rushed to hospital after his silver Vauxhall Vectra smashed into a garden wall.

He was driving along Windy Bank Lane in Liversedge just after 12pm yesterday when he crashed into the wall of a cottage.

Terence and Jean Jagger live at the house and Mr Jagger said: “I was just doing some painting around the front of the house when I heard an enormous bang about 200ft away and saw the car spinning.

“The damage on the car wasn’t bad. The chassis seemed fine and there was only a little bit of damage to the front and rear bumpers.

“The car was facing the wrong direction on the road after the crash.”

The Vectra was travelling in the direction of Roberttown from Liversedge when it smashed in to the wall.

Mrs Jagger called an ambulance who then contacted the fire service in case further assistance was required with the car.

Fire crews from Mirfield, Batley and Brighouse attended the accident but were not needed and left the scene shortly before 1pm.

At the time of the crash, Mrs Jagger was sitting in the front room. She said: “The driver’s mum and dad came afterwards.

“His mum said that she called him on his phone and the paramedic answered, which must have been so scary for her.”

It is believed that the man – thought to be in his early 20s – suffered serious injuries but they were not life-threatening.