JUGGERNAUTS are making life a misery for residents of an Edgerton street because of new navigation systems.

Householders living at Mountjoy Road believe the latest computer route-finders are sending more and more lorries down their quiet residential lane.

In the past 10 days, eight juggernauts have rumbled by their homes as they headed from New North Road up to Trinity Street.

With cars often parked on both sides of the road, many of the trucks are becoming stuck.

Some are forced to reverse back downhill while others inch through the parked traffic.

Resident Linda Wild, who is a Kirklees councillor, said one lorry driver became stuck for an hour as he squeezed his vast lorry around parked vehicles.

That latest incident happened at 8pm on Sunday evening.

He took 60 minutes to get the lorry through the cars with the help of residents.

A permit parking system operates along both sides of the street.

"It was absolutely amazing," said Mrs Wild who has lived in Mountjoy Road for 16 years. "At one point you wouldn't have been able to get a piece of cotton between his truck and the parked cars."

She said the new mode of direction-finding was a huge potential problem as drivers were sent down unsuitable roads by on-board computers calculating the quickest route to their destination.

"If they don't know the area at all, they'll use satellite navigation and they'll follow it."

The computer gives instructions to drivers about the route they have to follow, based on road maps and global positioning satellites.

"Just out of the blue you look out of your window and there's this huge pantechnicon from Denmark and you think `why are they coming up here?' " asked Mrs Wild.

Residents fear cars will be damaged and the road surface wrecked by the heavy trucks leaving Huddersfield towards the M62.

They have now asked Kirklees Council's highways department to conduct a traffic review of the area to address the problem of lorries - and the commuters who speed along the road in the morning.

A Kirklees Council spokeswoman said: "Officers are to investigate this problem. If it is evident this complaint is justified then appropriate action will be taken."