A MAN suffering from terminal cancer has completed his fundraising flight around Britain.

Vic Cardnell, 49, finished the 2,000-mile aerial trek after seven days. The trip, which officially started and finished at Blackpool, took in places including John O'Groats, Land's End and Rochester.

Vic, of Oldfield Road, Honley, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2001. He was told last April that the condition was incurable.

The father-of-three then set out to raise cash for CancerBacup, a charity which gives help and advice to cancer sufferers and their families, by doing the flight.

Vic, a former Barclays Bank project manager, was helped by main pilot Leon Opit and businessman Richard Butterfield, who loaned them two new Diamond Star planes for their journey.

"It was excellent," said Vic. "It was everything I wanted it to be and hoped for and more. The journey was exciting, relaxing and because of the variable weather we had it was really hairy in some parts."

Vic said he was elated when the team finally touched down for the last time.

"It was an absolutely fantastic experience," he said. "Myself and Leon were four hands, two heads and one mind."

Vic described the hairier moments: "In Aberdeen we had to fly under the cloud so we could see the ground at all times. It was getting dark and we were flying off the coast.

"We were forced down to just 450ft and we couldn't see much.

"I really believed there was a strong chance we would crash into the coast."

But he added: "I'm very proud of what we have achieved. When we started out raising money I had doubts we would raise even £1,000 and now I think we have raised £20,000.

"Family and friends have been incredibly supportive and I'm now looking for another goal to set for myself."