The man with a £70,000 bionic penis has joined several dating sites in a bid to find love.

But so far lovelorn Mohammed Abad, 44, says he’s had no takers.

Huddersfield-born Mr Abad, who has featured in the Examiner several times over the past two years, was fitted with a bionic penis after his was ripped off in a road accident in Fartown in 1978.

In 2012 he had surgery to fit the eight inch bionic penis made out of nerves and skin from his arm.

In total he has had more than 100 operations and can now have sex and go the toilet standing up thanks to on and off buttons in his testicles.

Lonely security guard Mr Abad, is now pleading for some romantic help from the Examiner and sister paper the Daily Mirror.

Mohammed Abad

He said: “I’m very lonely and would love to find someone.

“I’ve joined and an Asian dating site and I’ve even tried Tinder.

“But so far I’ve had no feedback. Not one date.

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“Nothing seems to happen and I’m new to all these things.

“I’d be eternally grateful if someone helped me find love.

“It would be another chapter in my life. I’ve got a lot to give.

“The ultimate goal is to have two kids - but I need to find somebody first.”

Mohammed finally lost his virginity earlier this year, aged 44.

He had turned to a sex worker called Charlotte Rose, who waived her fee - because he had split from his wife before his penis was fully functional.

Mohammed Abad and Charlotte Rose
Mohammed Abad and Charlotte Rose

Talking to the Mirror he said he regretted only telling his wife he could not consummate their marriage on their wedding night.

“I broke down and told her,” he said.

”She was obviously upset and hurt but accepted me the way I was.

“But in the end there is only so much a person can take.”

The pair split amicably two years later in 2013.

He has said of the first time he had penetrative sex with Charlotte Rose, he was worried because she was silent when she saw his penis.

But she then told him ‘It’s incredible’.

He said: “I lay there with a big cheesy grin on my face.

“It’s a work of art, they’ve thought about it and fashioned it.

“They took nerves and tendons from my arm so I have sensation now. It can stay up for days.”

His new penis has been fitted with two tubes which fill up with liquid from his stomach every time he presses the button in his testicles.

He can press to pump it up, as well as another button which drains the penis after use, so it deflates.