A MAN was allegedly assaulted after sitting on the wall of a Birkby house.

It is believed the victim was confronted by man who came out of a nearby house after he spotted him sitting on a wall next to a telephone box.

The man asked the victim to climb off the wall, which he didn’t immediately due, so he and another man are then alleged to have assaulted him.

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are investigating an incident of violence against a person relating to an incident at the junction of George Avenue and Birkby Lodge Road shortly before 4pm yesterday.

The assaulted man was said to have received head wounds and was taken to hospital for a check-up.

The police were alerted to the attack by the ambulance service at 3.46pm.

Neighbours reported seeing a disturbance between three men.

One said: "There was a bit of pushing and shoving next to the phone box by the wall but it was all over pretty quickly".