A SICK thug who kidnapped his fiancee and buried her alive has lost a bid to clear his name.

Marcin Kasprzak abducted Michelina Lewandowska from her Fenay Bridge home and buried her in a cardboard box in nearby woodland.

The terrified girl used her engagement ring to struggle free from her would-be grave.

Now her tormentor has failed to convince top judges he did not get a fair trial. He was told he will stay behind bars.

Kasprzak, 27, was also told that his 20-year jail term was fair.

He was caged in January after he was convicted of attempted murder at Leeds Crown Court.

He admitted kidnap and possessing an offensive weapon.

Kasprzak – who had been in a long relationship with Michelina Lewandowska – stunned her with a taser and bound and gagged her after attacking her at her home in Penistone Road.

He tried in vain to pressure her to leave Huddersfield.

His friend Patryk Borys, 18, of Rashcliffe Hill Road, Thornton Lodge, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years for his part in her kidnapping. He was cleared of attempted murder.

Kasprzak’s QC, Julian Goose, told London’s Appeal Court the pair kept Michelina captive in her Huddersfield home for six hours before producing a large cardboard box into which they forced her.

The box, with Ms Lewandowska inside, was then driven to remote woodland near Woodsome Hall Golf Club where it was buried under soil, leaves and a heavy branch.

The judge who sentenced Kasprzak said it was his intention “that she would die there”.

However, Ms Lewandowska, 27, made a miraculous escape from her intended grave, using her engagement ring to rip through the side holes in the box before fleeing to safety.

Kasprzak, of Penistone Road, Huddersfield, sought permission to appeal against both his conviction and the length of his sentence, but his challenges were rejected by Mr Justice Eady, who was sitting with Lord Justice Davis and Judge Brian Barker QC.

Mr Goose had argued that his conviction was “unsafe” because the trial judge wrongly directed the jury in relation to his silence during a police interview.

However, the judges ruled Kasprzak’s complaints unarguable, refusing permission to appeal.