A MAN has told how he confronted four armed men who showered his property with shotgun pellets.

The deafening shots were heard being fired on private land at Longley Lane Plantation.

Resident Paul Burland, whose garden is 100ft from the private wood, said: “I’d just finished work and thought I would have five minutes in the garden.

“The shots started firing and at first I didn’t register what was happening. Then I felt one hit me on the arm and the head and land in my garden.

“They stung a bit but because of the range they just bounced off me.

“At least six pellets came in my garden and more in my neighbour’s garden.”

Mr Burland decided to walk up to the private wood despite the volley of gun shots being fired.

He said: “I had to hide behind trees and try to get their attention when there was a break in shots.

“When I got to them they simply said they were on private land and they weren’t firing in my direction.

“My neighbour was there too complaining and in the end we both gave up and called the police.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Officers attended an address in Lowerhouses on Saturday and spoke to a man who was firing a shotgun.

“Routine checks were carried out and the man had a shotgun licence and because the shots were not fired with intent on private land no further action was taken.”

Mr Burland added: “I don’t see how they can’t do anything.

“They may be on private land but they are affecting the safety of myself and my neighbours. I won’t bring my two-year-old granddaughter round to my house until this is resolved as she loves to play in the garden.”

He is now monitoring the situation and looking at land deeds to see if the shooting crosses a public footpath.