FOUR Huddersfield siblings are celebrating their golden weddings this year.

It seems 1954 was a year of love and marriage for Derrick Siswick, brother James and their sisters, Clare and Betty.

Derrick said: "It is very unusual to have four brothers and sisters all married this long.

"But we are a family of long marriages.

"Our parents reached their golden wedding at the same time as we were celebrating our silver weddings."

James was the first to marry his sweetheart, Lilian. That was at Huddersfield Register Office on February 20, 1954.

Derrick married Barbara on March 27 at Milnsbridge Baptist Church.

Next was Clare, who married Brian Singleton at Christ Church in Linthwaite on July 10.

James and Lilian Siswick:

James, 73, and Lilian, 71, met at a dance held by Lockwood engineering firm David Brown Gears.

James, of Milnsbridge, had just finished National Service as an Army tank driver in Germany. He then started working as a grinder for David Brown.

Lilian, from Clough Head, Bolster Moor, was a mender at a textile mill.

After marrying, they moved to Wellhouse at Golcar, where they still live.

They have one son.

Jack and Betty Brown:

Jack, 75, and Betty, 71, live at Waterloo. They met at a dance organised by David Brown Gears at Lockwood.

Betty, of Milnsbridge, worked for the firm and Jack, who was from Deighton, worked at ICI.

He stayed there until 1969, when he set up his own pneumatics and electrical firm, P&E Systems. The couple's son now runs the firm.

They also have a daughter and four grand-daughters.

Derrick and Barbara Siswick:

Derrick, 74, and Barbara, 70, live in Birkby.

They met in 1953 at a fun day organised by David Brown engineers. Derrick, of Milnsbridge, was a baker, while Barbara, from Crosland Moor, was a worsted mender.

Later the family had a woodwork sales business. It closed in 1976 and Mr Siswick started a similar business. The couple have seven children, 28 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Brian and Clare Singleton:

Brian, 74, and Clare, 70, live at Linthwaite.

They met in Milnsbridge, where Brian, who lived at Linthwaite, worked at J A Bradley brush-makers.

Clare, who was from Milnsbridge, worked in a nearby china shop.

Apart from two years' National Service with the Army's Royal Engineers, Brian spent his whole working life at Bradleys.

The couple have two sons.