A MARSH shop got brewing to raise money for charity.

The Don’t Forget card and gift shop at Westbourne Road staged a biscuit dunking day to raise money for the Joseph Salmon Trust.

For two days customers were invited to take their pick from a mountain of biscuits to enjoy with a cup of coffee from the shop’s new Grumpy Mule Fairtrade coffee range.

Visitors were asked to leave a donation in return for the treat.

The cash raised will be given to the trust, set up by Marsh couple Neil and Rachael Salmon to help parents who lose their children cover the cost of funerals and other expenses.

Alison Rayner, who runs the shop, said: “The idea was that people just come and enjoy a biscuit with a cup and coffee and leave some change of the charity.

“People don’t like to talk about children dying, but this charity does some wonderful work.

“What’s nice about it is the money is being used to help people locally.”