HUNDREDS of Examiner readers arrived at the newspaper's headquarters in Queen Street South yesterday, to get their free carbon monoxide detectors.

Demand was so huge that we gave away all 1,000 of the British Gas alarms in just two hours.

We thought we'd be handing the lifesavers over the counter for a few days before we ran out.

But the response to our Silent Killer awareness campaign has been unprecedented.

British Gas supplied the detectors, which sell for £38, in a bid to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning in the town.

The move followed the deaths of Lockwood takeaway owners Kan Shing Lam, 54, and wife Hsiu Ying Lam, on March 4. They are thought to have been killed by carbon monoxide fumes.

Chris Bielby, head of safety for British Gas, said: "Clearly this important campaign has hit home among Examiner readers.

"We're delighted with the response. It just goes to show how vital it is that people put safety first in their homes."

Mr Bielby continued: "Our research shows that only one in six homes in Huddersfield have carbon monoxide detectors.

"It's great news to know now that a thousand more families in the town will be sleeping more safely from now on.

"For anyone who still doesn't have a detector I would say go and buy one.

"And make sure all your gas appliances are serviced every year by a Corgi-registered engineer."

To ask about carbon monoxide detectors or British Gas servicing, call 0800 95 00 400.

British Gas recommends any device with the British Standard BS7860. You can buy detectors from hardware or DIY stores.

Neighbours George Har- greaves, 66, and June Roche, 64, of Riddings Road, Deighton, were among the first at the Examiner.

George said: "I had a small detector above the fire, but this one's a lot better. I think the council should fit them for free."

And June said: "It's great that the Examiner and British Gas have been able to offer these."

Mrs Alice Smith, 65, of Newsome, said: "I've got children and grandchildren and it's important to protect your family. I've never used one of these, but I knew I should get one. It's a lovely offer. It encourages people to think about gas safety," she added.

Suzanne Foster, 30, of Almondbury Bank, took a detector home - where she looks after youngsters in her job as a childminder.

"It's a very important thing to have," she says. "We all need to take carbon monoxide very seriously."

Mrs Sandra Tremaine, 61, of Rawthorpe, said: "These detectors can save lives. I haven't been so well, but I knew I had to get to the Examiner and pick one up."

Queues snaked out of the doors of the Examiner, stretching across the car park and up Queen Street South.

Jenny Parkin, the Examiner's head of content, said: "This offer was a first for us and we were bowled over by the response from readers.

"We had intended to print a third token today - but because so many people responded straightaway, we had to change our plans.

"It's a shame we couldn't provide a carbon monoxode detector for everyone who wanted one.

"But we're working hard to bring more safety offers."

* People who received a voucher for their detector yesterday can now exchange them at the Examiner's customer reception. This is open from 8.30am to 4pm on Saturdays and from 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays.


* Look out for stains, soot or discolouring around a gas fire, water heater or boiler.

* An appliance that burns with a yellow or orange flame instead of a blue one.

* A strange smell when the appliance is on.

* Increased condensation inside windows.

* If these signs are present then stop using the appliance, open doors and windows to ventilate the room and don't use the appliance again until it has been checked by a Corgi-registered engineer.

For more information log on to from www.britishgas xide