THREE fire crews were needed to rescue a boy stuck up a tree.

The teenager climbed 30ft up the tree on land near to Lydgate School in Holmfirth yesterday.

But the 15-year-old was unable to get down so a friend called for help.

Firefighters from Holmfirth station called for back-up from the aerial appliance at Huddersfield.

And they were joined by a crew from Cleckheaton, a technical rescue officer and an incident commander.

Crew commander Scott Elvidge from Huddersfield said: “This boy climbed up a tree but felt he was unable to get back down again.

“Holmfirth called us because they needed an aerial platform, but it was a bit tight, we need a bit of space to put that up.

“There were limitations in terms of space so we cut branches away and one of the members of the technical rescue team from Cleckheaton joined in.

The boy, who had just finished school, was stuck up the tree for between 30 and 45 minutes.