POLICE have “named and shamed” a man who is causing them major problems in Huddersfield.

They are asking people to be on the look-out for Dean Grundell – a persistent shoplifter and beggar – who is now banned from begging across the whole of Kirklees.

And as part of their highly-unusual appeal, they are releasing his photograph to alert shop staff and the public.

They have already taken Grundell to court, having charged him with nine offences since December 2010.

But now a spokesman said: “Enough is enough.

“He was served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) that now means he is banned from begging anywhere in Kirklees but it is not working.

“If people do see him begging or going into shops in the centre of Huddersfield they should contact the police.

“We will take action and he may well end up in prison.”

After persistently shoplifting and being aggressive to members of the public in Huddersfield, Grundell is also banned from entering any shops within the Huddersfield ring road area, as well as from entering Huddersfield train station and St George’s Square.

Grundell was handed the two-year ban by magistrates in Huddersfield in May after numerous abusive incidents.

The ban from Huddersfield railway station comes after he repeatedly harassed staff and passengers, and has been ordered not to beg in the town centre.

It is one of the most draconian bans ever sought by civic officials.

The offences he admitted included theft of food from shops, theft of clothing, begging for money and using abusive language.

If he is found to have broken the terms of his ASBO, which lasts until May 2013, Grundell, 38, of Aspley, can be arrested and could face imprisonment.

He could also be arrested for visiting any shops in Kirklees from which he has been previously banned.

Sgt Julie Astbury, of Kirklees Police’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit said: “It is unusual for us to take these kinds of measures when we give someone an ASBO, but in this case the offender has been such a nuisance to the people of Kirklees and to businesses in Huddersfield that he has been banned from offending anywhere in the region.

“Persistent and aggressive begging, as well as shoplifting, is something that the police will not tolerate.

“While we accept that many beggars are in unfortunate personal situations we have a duty to protect the people of Kirklees from anti-social behaviour and will take appropriate action against anyone found to be committing anti-social behaviour in our towns.”

Officers from the Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team will also hand out leaflets bearing Grundell’s photograph to people in the town centre aware of his behaviour and encourage them to report any offences to the police.

Sgt Astbury added: “We are not trying to victimise beggars, but there are occasions when their behaviour crosses into what we would class as anti-social.

“We would therefore urge any members of the public who are concerned about the behaviour or attitude of such people towards them, to contact their local Neighbourhood Policing Team so that our officers can look into the matter further.”