A MOTHER has hit out after being refused mobility benefit for her epileptic daughter.

Marcella Potter, of Lepton, applied for three-year-old Jasmine to get the benefit from the Disabled Living Allowance scheme.

Jasmine already receives some money from the scheme for her care.

But Mrs Potter's request to the Government's Works and Pensions Department for mobility benefit was refused several times.

She lost her final appeal when the case went to the independent Industrial Tribunal Service.

Mrs Potter has still not been told why Jasmine cannot have the benefits.

Mrs Potter wanted the money to buy a car.

She said: "It was for her safety. She can't walk well and falls frequently, so she has to wear a special helmet.

"I'm getting loaned a special pushchair that is easy to push, because she is too heavy for a normal one. But I don't want to take her to school in a pushchair in September."

Mrs Potter said Jasmine's condition makes everyday tasks impossible.

Mrs Potter cannot walk long distances or use public transport because of Jasmine's frequent fits.

She said: "I have to give her medication straightaway. That would be a nightmare on a bus. So we are stuck at home. It is not fair for a three-year-old to miss out like this. She has very severe epilepsy and it is not getting better.

"She will always be 18 months behind other children of her age."

A department spokesman said he could not comment on individual cases. But he said that to qualify for low mobility benefit a child must need more supervision than other children of a similar age.

High-rate benefits are only awarded after the impact of disability on a child's life is assessed.

He said Jasmine would have to qualify for high-rate benefit before her family could get a car from the Motability scheme.

He added: "The tribunal has gone to lengths to examine the child's requirements. It has decided she is not entitled to the benefit."