IF you behave well at a Huddersfield school you’ll be treated like lords and ladies at the top table.

For well behaved children have been enjoying VIP treatment at Mount Pleasant Junior, Infant and Nursery School.

That’s because youngsters, on their best behaviour during their morning and lunch breaks, are treated to a ‘feast’ at the top table during Friday lunchtime with new headteacher Mujahid Ali.

The Lockwood school began the reward scheme last month which includes a golden ticket invite to the ‘Friday Feast’ and an upgraded meal.

Pupils aged four to 11 are picked for the reward by lunchtime staff for being kind to other children, talking to children on their own, sharing games and acting in an exemplary way.

The Friday Feast is part of a new programme of rewards at the school designed to improve behaviour, attendance and achievement.

The programme includes a raffle where children are given tickets for good work and behaviour and one lucky child wins a bicycle at the end of the year.

The school also operates a system where classes are awarded beads for their achievements which are collected in jars and can be redeemed for treats like a longer breaktime or a school trip.

Mount Pleasant teacher Hazel Ettienne said: “It’s a really big reward for them.

“The deputy headteacher came round to every class and gave out special invites in front of their classmates – so they get a really good treat.”