YORKSHIRE and Humber Euro-MP David Bowe has urged ministers to back measures to bring an end to the "great ink cartridge con trick".

Mr Bowe accused manufacturers of inkjet printer cartridges of using "every trick in the book" to fool consumers into paying over the odds for their products.

He is calling on the European Parliament to agree proposals which would ensure that in future all cartridges must be refillable and recyclable.

Mr Bowe, Labour's European spokesman on the environment,

said: "Inkjet printer cartridges are now probably one of the most widely used products in the world.

"Yet the reality is that a few large manufacturers are using every trick in the book to prevent consumers getting a fair deal and at the same time are undermining the need to improve energy efficiency as a crucial element in protecting our environment.

"No wonder printers are so cheap when the ink in the cartridges drop for drop is more expensive than vintage champagne."

Big money was stake, said Mr Bowe.

"On average a refilled cartridge can be sold for about half the price of a new product. Consumers should have the chance to reap the benefits," he said.