COLNE Valley MP Jason McCartney says he backs the government’s plan to enhance the position of Reservists and fully integrate them into our Armed forces.

The former RAF officer said he hopes employers will be understanding of the role.

The government’s proposals include increasing the number of days Reservists get to train from 35 days to 40 days a year, giving Reservists and their employers more notice ahead of mobilisation and consulting on a ‘kitemark’ type award to recognise and reward supportive employers by creating a league of patriotic employers.

The MP said: “This Government is taking the action needed to create a flexible Armed Forces for the future.

“This announcement underlines its commitment to creating a modern Reserve, fully integrated into the regular force.

“These proposals will not only help to ensure that Reservists in Colne Valley are available for deployment, but will also help employers to appreciate the wide benefits Reservists can bring.”

A consultation period on the future of the armed forces reserves will run until Friday January 18, next year.

If the government’s proposals go ahead, the number of trained Reserves will be around 35,000 by 2020.