HUDDERSFIELD’S MP is concerned that veiled women are causing delays at airport security.

Barry Sheerman asked immigration minister Liam Byrne about the issue in the House of Commons.

Mr Sheerman said: “What evidence is there that some hold-ups are caused by females of a particular religious sect who cover their faces and refuse to reveal them as they go through immigration?

“Is there any evidence that that is causing problems?”

Mr Byrne replied: “There is no evidence of that. Everyone is required to identify themselves as directed by an immigration officer.

“If an identity is ever in any doubt, immigration officers will not hesitate to check a person’s fingerprints as well.”

But Mr Sheerman told the Examiner that he would continue to pursue the matter following last Monday’s exchange.

The Labour MP said: “I will raise this matter with Mr Byrne in private.

“One of my constituents who works in security at Manchester Airport has told me that this is a problem.”