A ZIMBABWEAN refugee in Huddersfield says opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has to win the country’s presidential election.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Huddersfield chairman Patrice Dlamini says Mr Tsvangirai must be announced president or Zimbabwe will descend into chaos.

And Mr Dlamini, an asylum seeker support worker, claims even president Robert Mugabe’s election fixing will not be able to stop an MDC victory.

But Mr Dlamini said delays in announcing results show Mugabe’s ruling Zanu-PF party is still unwilling to concede.

Yesterday MDC sources claimed their party had beaten Zanu-PF by 50.3 to 48.3 per cent. But Mr Dlamini, who lives in Marsden, believes the gap is greater due to election rigging.

Mr Dlamini, 41, says: “Morgan has to win. He’s the only man who has braved everything. The pressure on Zanu-PF is obvious. They’ve never hesitated before. It will be mayhem if they don’t concede.

“Mugabe doesn’t even have 40 per cent of the vote. His closest allies have left him. It’s a fabricated number.

“Zanu-PF are afraid to get out of there. They’ll have so much to face after this. They’ve committed so many crimes.

“The world seems to be entertaining their fake stories and we’ve been suffering long enough. They’ve been faking ballots, bribing and intimidating.

“Things could change in Zimbabwe but it will take a very long time to recover. Mugabe has to go if things are to improve.

“The country doesn’t have enough results, skills or knowledge and the outside world need to come and help.”

Mr Dlamini fled Zimbabwe in 2004 as a political refugee. He faces deportation after his asylum application was rejected in 2005.

Mr Dlamini currently works for Huddersfield-based Kraft, which offers support to asylum seekers.