A MOTHER says she fears community spirit is dead after passers-by failed to help her 12-year-old son when he was attacked.

The Deighton woman, who lives at Riddings Road, said: “My son was petrified but nobody helped. It begs the question does anybody care anymore about the future generations?”

Her son was allegedly attacked by a stranger on Saturday while running an errand to the a shop just 150 yards from his house.

He had been sent by his mother just after 9.30am to buy a newspaper.

He left the shop and started to walk up Riddings Road when he was grabbed by the hair from behind by a woman.

The terrified boy was dragged backwards across busy Deighton Road. The woman then took off her jacket and threw it over his head, covering his eyes and continued to drag him to the pavement. She also flung away his scooter, which he had received as a Christmas present.

The youngster managed to scramble free and run back across the road, with the woman in pursuit.

He managed to escape and made it back to his home safely.

His mother said: “He was so upset when he got in that he was sick. He isn’t sleeping and eating properly still. He’s traumatised.”

The boy’s mother said several people claim to have seen what happened – but she is disappointed that no-one went to help.

“Speaking to other parents who now know what has happened, they are uneasy and are stopping their children from going to the shop. It could be anybody’s child.

“It upset me that nobody intervened. Nowadays, I know people don’t tend to get involved, but if I saw a child in trouble then, as a mother, I would.”

Police said a woman has been charged with assault in connection with the incident.