A mystery hero tackled a fire after a two-car smash in Dalton.

A Renault Scenic collided with a VW Polo, sparking a fire under the bonnet of one of the cars.

One woman, the 57-year-old Renault driver, was taken to hospital as precaution after suffering from chest pains.

The smash happened just before 8am on Wednesday in Dalton Green Lane at the junction with Albany Road.

Firefighters who attended the scene said someone armed with a fire extinguisher had put the flames out before they arrived.

Crew commander Shane Byrne said: “Someone just happened to have a fire extinguisher to hand. I don’t know where they’d got it from.”

The cars had collided as one pulled out of the junction with Albany Road, where the sight lines were obstructed by a parked truck.

Mr Byrne said: “The driver was asleep inside the truck when the crash happened. He was not parked illegally – maybe 15 metres away from the junction – although he could have picked a better spot.”

A 51-year-old woman driving the Polo was not injured but suffered pain in her arm after the airbag deployed, while minor damage was caused to her car.

The Renault was seriously damaged in the crash.