HEARTLESS vandals have desecrated a teenager's gravestone.

And now his grieving mother is trying to work out why.

Mark Hallsworth, 18, died after falling and hitting his head in October 2002 as he ran from gangs fighting on the Bradley estate.

The incident prompted a huge police investigation and a number of people were arrested.

Mark was buried at Christ Church at Woodhouse on March 7 last year. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of mourners.

But now his horrified family have discovered someone has defaced a photograph on the headstone in the quiet graveyard.

The porcelain miniature photo has been smashed to pieces.

Mark's grieving mother, Mandy Jessop, 43, of Rockwood Close, Bradley, fears the attacker could strike again - perhaps even wrecking the entire headstone.

"I'm getting scared that one day I'll find it totally smashed up," she said.

She is mystified why someone would want to target the grave of the popular teenager.

"Who in their right mind would do something like that? Mark got on so well with people and so did I. We haven't got any enemies. People are really missing him," she said.

Mark's headstone had been singled out. Other graves bearing photos remained untouched.

Mandy has contacted the police and asked for help in tracking down the culprits.

She is worried that if she replaces the photo, the vandals will strike again.

"I feel somebody has got a grudge towards me. I'm getting a bit on edge wondering if it's going to happen again."

Mark's family includes his baby daughter, Markesha Michelle Edwards.

She has brought joy to the grieving Huddersfield family.

Markesha was born just days after Mark's death.

His girlfriend, Siobhan Edwards, named her after Mark.

Markesha was born in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Siobhan, now 20, is from Crosland Moor.

Mark worked at the Top Man shop in Huddersfield.