PROTESTERS unhappy over proposals to extend a Scissett school are holding a public meeting next Monday.

People living near Nortonthorpe Hall School in Busker Lane say disruptive pupils are making their lives "hell".

The Cross (Concerned Residents of Scissett) action group has been formed to give voice to mounting concerns about plans for the school, which takes youngsters excluded from mainstream education.

Residents say children skip class to play in the village.

Neighbours say they feel terrorised by their bad behaviour and have been logging incidents of anti-social and alleged criminal activity.

They want any building work to come with stringent conditions and have asked for a two metre-high security fence to be built around the grounds.

They are also unhappy that historic Nortonthorpe Hall itself is due for demolition.

One application - to build a dining hall, activity centre and outdoor recreation area - has already been withdrawn.

David Boothman, who is organising Monday's public forum, said a meeting was also taking place tonight between head teacher Carol McDermott and residents.

He said proposals did not answer concerns about security or the loss of a historic building.

He feared the school was going to expand.

Sixty-nine pupils are taught both at Nortonthorpe Hall and at premises next to Huddersfield Technical College.

"But it's not a one-sided matter," said Mr Boothman. "We are not just `angry residents' looking to set up trouble. We understand the school needs to be there. We are not trying to get rid of it.

"We are trying to get them to manage it sensibly, so the impact on the people in the village will be minimised," he added.

The public meeting will be in St Augustine's Church, starting at 6.30pm.