PINT-SIZED police patrolled the pavements outside their school.

The Netherthong Primary School pupils – kitted out in police helmets and high-visibility jackets – were keeping their eyes peeled for illegally parked cars.

Police Community Support Officers Keith Hollick and Jill Chamberlain joined the group of school council members who were clamping down on parents’ inconsiderate parking.

Lucy Woodhead, the school’s business support officer, said: “The school is on a very, very narrow and steep lane and it is very difficult for cars to park here.

“So we have a drop-and-go zone near the school where parents who have older children are supposed to let their children out and then drive off.

“But some of them are parking and getting out to walk their children to the school, stopping to have a chat and using the road to turn around.”

Ms Woodhead said the school had taken part in an initiative previously to get motorists thinking about their bad parking.

She said: “It works for a little while but then some parents just start doing it again.

“Some of the other parents have pointed this out to others in the past and it has led to arguments.

“It’s important because it causes a lot of congestion and makes it unsafe for the children.”

Posters created by pupils have been put up outside the school asking parents to abide by the parking rules.

And the group arrived at school, on School Street, early yesterday morning in order to catch parents flouting the rules.

There have been similar protests outside other Huddersfield schools including Fixby and Kirkheaton

And a new Kirklees Council camera van has been catching people parking badly outside schools, issuing £60 parking tickets.

So far, more than 40 drivers have been caught outside schools.