IT’S war on Huddersfield’s grot spots.

Kirklees Council has responded to criticism about litter and graffiti by setting up a special clean-up project.

And it is providing thousands of pounds into a pot to pay for “instant” fixes.

The move follows criticism from the public and businesses in Huddersfield about unsightly messy areas in and around the town centre.

Now those concerns have prompted a response, with the council setting up a fund to pay for clean-ups, which may be carried out by private contractors.

It could mean a new litter bin in a busy area, or rubbish being shifted from an underpass or a yard.

Clr Christine Stanfield, who chairs the Huddersfield Area Committee, has solicited support from councillors in seven wards surrounding the town centre.

She said: “Huddersfield town centre has received a lot of criticism about litterŠ and general unsightly mess from both residents and businesses.

“This has been highlighted in both letters to the Examiner and in stories.

“Councillors from all seven wards agreed to this plan and each ward will now donate £2,000 to a fund to remove eyesores and mess of all sorts.”

She added: “Huddersfield is a beautiful town, the jewel in the crown of Kirklees and we must all do what we can to protect and enhance it for residents and visitors alike.

“This small but vital fund will be used as a rapid response fund for clearing up mess and putting in small innovations to improve the appearance of the town.

“This fund has nothing to do with the overall strategic plan for the town centre, it is intended solely to tackle eyesores quickly and efficiently.

“We plan regular inspections and hope that the public will play their part in reporting grot spots as soon as they notice them so that we can assess the quickest way of cleaning them up.

“We also plan a ‘Huddersfield Area Committee’ website so that we can keep residents informed of our progress and show pictures of what has been achieved.

“This will also be a good way for the public to let us know what they think of the work done.”

Dates of public meetings by the committee at Huddersfield Town Hall are as follows:

July 20, September 7, January 11, 2012 and March 6 (all 7pm).