PEOPLE who find stray dogs will not be able to hand them in to police from next week.

From April 6, a change on Government legislation means that stray dogs will become the sole responsibility of local authorities.

Previously, police had been able to receive stray dogs from members of the public and pass the animals on to local authorities.

But the new rules mean stray dogs will have to be handed directly to local councils.

Councils will be putting out leaflets and posters detailing who people should contact if they find a stray.

John Prentice, director of transport and logistics at West Yorkshire Police, reassured the public that police will continue to deal with incidents involving dangerous dogs and other dog-related crimes.

He added: “This issue has come about because of a change in law, not because the police no longer wish to take in stray dogs from the public.”

Kirklees Council dog warden service can be contacted on 01484 226883.