THERE will be more pages of news and sport in the new compact Examiner.

All the local news will be covered in exactly the same way by exactly the same reporters.

News editor Neil Atkinson said: "There's no way the news agenda will be changing with the move to a more compact size.

"Some people are traditionally suspicious of some smaller national newspapers but The Independent and The Times have shown you can produce quality journalism in a smaller package - and we aim to do that.

"We at the Examiner will remain committed to bringing you the local news in a fair, balanced and unbiased way.

"The new form means there will be more pages for more local news. We're delighted and excited by the change."

And sports editor John Gledhill said: "This is good news for all local sports fans.

"Sport thrives on colour photographs and this gives us the opportunity to present Town, the Giants and all the local sport in the same reliable and comprehensive way - but in a modern and attractive manner."