WEST Yorkshire’s first-ever Police and Crime Commissioner has pledged not to take his full £100,000 salary.

Mark Burns-Williamson made the promise after being elected to the new post yesterday.

The Labour man was elected to the job with 114,736 votes, beating his nearest rival, independent candidate and ex-policeman Cedric Christie, who gained 71,876 votes.

Conservative Geraldine Carter and Lib Dem Andrew Marchington were eliminated after the first count, finishing third and fourth respectively.

Mr Burns-Williamson, who has chaired the West Yorkshire Police Authority for 10 years, blasted the Government for calling a standalone November election in which only 13.8% of voters took part.

But despite the poor turnout Mr Burns-Williamson said he believed he had a mandate to take the new role.

Mr Burns-Williamson, from Castleford, also criticised the Government for making ‘irresponsible’ cuts to West Yorkshire Police and promised to fight Government cuts, especially on frontline officers.

He pledged to increase the accountability of the force and increase ‘trust and transparency’.

As Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) for West Yorkshire, Mr Burns-Williamson will be responsible for the county’s policing plans and the budget.

He will also be responsible for appointing – and if necessary dismissing – the force’s chief constable.

Mr Burns-Williamson said while he believed the job would be challenging he would not be taking the full £100,000 salary.

He said: “I won’t be taking the full amount. I will make (the amount) clear later.

“The level has been set by a pay review body independently. It’s one of the big forces and it’s a full time job to say the least, so I will working as hard as I can to provide good value and I will be judged by decisions and actions that I take.”

Mr Burns-Williamson said people had supported their local police and shown their contempt for the Government’s actions.

He added: “The Labour Party did not support the creation of the police and crime commissioner.

“It’s up to all of us, I believe, to oppose the damaging policing cuts to our vital services.

“They need to hear that message loud and clear that the public of West Yorkshire, and in fact I believe all of Yorkshire, have no support for this irresponsible slashing of the police service.”