FAMILIES are being urged to replace chocolate eggs with healthy treats this Easter to avoid piling on the pounds.

Health bosses at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber are calling on people to get moving with an energetic egg hunt or a trip to the park instead of over-indulging on chocolate.

Paul Johnstone, regional public health director for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “Eating chocolate in moderation is fine, but eating too many Easter eggs will make anyone pile on the pounds.

“There are lots of healthy alternatives you can use to treat loved ones over the holidays. Why not send a fruit basket or bake healthy Easter cakes or biscuits instead?

“Another suggestion would be to incorporate some exercise into your Easter break.

“Organising an Easter egg hunt is a good way to celebrate the holiday and you could use tasty treats as a prize.”

Encouraging children to paint eggs, make Easter bonnets or race decorated hard boiled eggs down hills were also suggested for those looking for family fun.

Using the holiday period to enjoy walking, cycling or swimming was also recommended.